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2013-01-10 17:37:16 by Slint

MushrookieMan is a faggot who can't handle being confronted that's why he banned me from PMing him.
Oh well.

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2013-01-10 17:42:29

I came here after I predicted that you would do this seeing as I don't have any newsposts. How does it feel to be predictable?

Slint responds:

"wait wait wait I mean worth half a shit* goddamnit

Why would I work my ass off scouting your retarded posts when I can just call you a faggot right off the bat? You're not that important.

Good point, the second one, kill yourself.

Yeah, I don't post LOL4CHAN at all, and even if I did, your posts wouldn't be better at all. You contribute nil, you add nil to the BBS, whereas at least when I shitpost and give the mods some work to do.
If you're this uninteresting in an internet forum I cannot fathom how shitty your social life must be in real life."

This is the PM. Also, how does it feel to be a pussy?


2013-01-10 19:10:32

e-drama? just go away.

Slint responds:

i like these things


2013-01-10 19:14:31

this isnt too entertaining

Slint responds:

it shouldn't really be anyway why do you care


2013-01-10 19:21:01

you're both good posters in my eye, stop it you two ;___;

(Updated ) Slint responds:

omg pls sry