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Entry #33

It's too cold

2013-01-10 19:51:32 by Slint

pls warm my heart ng



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2015-01-31 14:49:34

also I masturbate 2 times a day now thanks to porn webm's from /b/ and i now don't enjoy fapping anymore


2015-01-31 14:44:29

I don't get baneposting but 2 days ago I rolled doubles.
I love how it's all anonymous. One time I posted a TMNT 2014 post in a Boyhood thread so I responded "faggot" to myself. And it looked like I was calling out another person.
You just can't fuck up on this site.


2015-01-31 09:20:53

i'm a /tv/ and /co/ fag now

Slint responds:

/co/ uh, never even been there actually

/tv/ is the one i go to the most, second only to /mu/, but unfortunately i have to admit it's mostly shitposting mixed with some good threads, ranging from just a few to a lot, depending on if it's a good day or bad day
baneposting is going to kill me i know it


2015-01-29 22:43:24

oh yeah that

i heard she was proven to be a fake account though

doh well

Slint responds:

really? 100% confirmed?

seems weird, it looked pretty real, if it was indeed a fake account someone put some serious effort


2015-01-29 21:32:37

oh christ, what did you send again?

(don't kill me, it's been a busy week)

Slint responds:

my bromance

but for real

that one pic

the one

the only one on the internet

the one you were eternally thankful for
i was actually going through my PM's the other day and i remember that time


2015-01-29 20:19:37

is that you eating chips at the last second of that gif

Slint responds:

yes at least my hair color is also blackWAIT A SECOND i am still pissed you send gifts behind my back
i sent you the greatest gift of all time too


2015-01-22 11:29:03

Now you have one less to worry about.

Slint responds:



2015-01-22 11:15:50

I feel kinda bad about being a dick to on the forum last year.

(Updated ) Slint responds:

eh everyone's a dick at some point


2015-01-21 19:14:07

Old school godzilla gif lol.

Slint responds:



2014-12-30 19:03:14

wtf are you doing watching the tourist
that's gotta be one of the dullest films ever made

Slint responds:

m-my gf wanted to watch it with me

i-i'm so sorry


2014-12-30 16:07:51


Slint responds:



2014-12-07 14:24:01

to get to the other side

Slint responds:

damn hold on i gotta write this one down


2014-12-07 03:10:11

maybe you've heard this one before, but just in case you haven't: why did the chicken cross the road

Slint responds:

never heard this one please tell me the answer


2014-12-06 14:01:55

pls come back and flame, it's so dull around here lately

Slint responds:

ok i'm going :^(


2014-12-06 03:51:23


Slint responds:

pls more riddles


2014-12-05 13:10:24

what if there was a baby who could no longer age. he was 80 years old but he was still a baby. he was the world's oldest baby. he would ask for help and he would be desperate

Slint responds:

at what age did he stop aging?


2014-12-04 13:44:15

coo coo it's your

Slint responds:



2014-12-04 01:08:55

are you banned again

Slint responds:

nah, i just haven't felt like posting much because most threads i see are garbage

and i haven't updated my gif because my pc is kill and i've been using a laptop



2014-11-19 12:44:36

Check out my page if you want, just updated my news post with the most self centred shit I have ever written for at least ten or eleven years.

Slint responds:

will attempt communication via PM right now


2014-11-06 21:58:28

Mrs.Slint has good taste then, because travelling is fun as shit. The Finns hate the Swedes because Finland was basically Swedens bitch for years until they gave them their country back, and it kinda left a sour taste in their mouths. I used to work for a Finnish games company, and the Swedish branch managers used to be complete dicks towards the Finnish managers, and they usually just gave them the "y-you too.." treatment as opposed to telling them to fuck off. Fun times.

I could probably afford to blow £1,500 on a holiday if I really wanted to, but in the greater scheme of things, I want to just have as much money as I can possibly get my greedy goy hands on so I have a nice backbone behind me. I'm surprisingly not 110% broke for someone in my position, and nobody but me really knows how much money I have in my bank account.

Slint pls, the only friends I have outside of the internet are directly related to me. But I feel ya' man, I probably should drug them and drag them onto a plane and say "well, you're here now, make the most of it", cunt. Otherwise, I can't see anyone wanting to come along, because they are greedier than I am when it comes to cash.

I finished listening to it a little while ago, and it was pretty fucking good. It's a weird mix between funky as shit and chill as shit, I can't really explain it. It all blends together pretty well, but my favourite song is probably "Kinda I Want To". I don't really have a least favourite, but "Something I Never Can Have" didn't do an awful lot for me, felt a bit too slow paced in comparison to the rest of the album. All around, I'd give it a solid 8/10, would listen to again.

Slint responds:

i had no idea about that story about finns and swedes, probably because history is my weak spot, i know very little even about portugal's.
all i know is i make the northern panties drop. one time i was in a train somewhere in finland or sweden or whatever and one northern grill waved at me from the platform outside. so i waved back. and so that northern girl and the friend beside her both stood up and started waving at me a lot and i waved at them. fun times. mrs. slint didn't choke me on the spot, too.

that's breddy understandable, having a money made backbone always feels good, like you're ready for what life throws your way, financially speaking

if i hadn't all this stuff here where i am, i'd go with you mang <3

glad you liked it, dudebro. something i can never have is mostly for the lyrics and the delicate arrangements. it's pretty feelsy for me.


2014-11-06 21:18:31

The second Hotline Miami is coming out soon. I watched some leaked gameplay footage of it a week or two ago, and it looks fucking amazing:

1000 Euros is nuts for a trip, but shit, you get a lot of bang for your buck it seems. Most places in the North are a lot alike, Finland and Sweden are pretty much exactly the same as far as I can tell, but the Finns have some sort of weird inferiority complex when it comes to the Swedes.

Also, that fucking train mang, I'd love to go on the Trans Siberian Railway, it seems like the comfiest thing in the world, it just travels all over the place, and it's something I aim to do one day. Again though, shekels.

Paris is a total shithole from what I've been told too, but then again, I'm British, so I just have a natural distaste for the French. Homeless people everywhere. Amsterdam is somewhere I nearly ended up visiting this year for the MotoGP, but I ended up bailing on it when everyone else who was supposed to be going with me suddenly decided they couldn't afford it. I'll probably just say "Fuck it" and either go there next year, or go to Valencia in Spain instead whether anybody wants to come with me or not. Probably do me some good.

Pretty good to know you enjoyed your travels though m8.

Slint responds:

aw yiss i need that game in my life

1000 euros is nuts indeed, but we saved a lot of money over a few years and it's something mrs. slint really really wanted to do. i had no such idea about the finns and swedes, they all looked and sounded the same to me tbh.

you'll make the bucks mane, maybe not today or tomorrow, but yeah, i'm pretty confident i'll get that plus size hand crafted dragon dildo someday too.

paris has 2 sides to it. half of it is beautiful, it's an amazing city, the other half, where the immigrants live, is indeed a shithole. the hotel we stayed in was right in the middle so we got a good look at both parts of the city. the good part of paris still ranked #2 right after amsterdam though, it's really great.

traveling is always good, but i'm sure you'd enjoy it more if you went with someone else you know, talking about what you're seeing is part of the fun. force those goddamn piece of shit friends of yours to go along, at gunpoint if needed.

how is pretty hate machine treating you? how do you like it? favourite song? least favourite? did you enjoy the whole thing? what would you rank it out of 10? please i have to know


2014-11-06 20:20:21

I remember most of what we talked about as well actually, I remember you mentioning you were in law school. I actually never really thought I was any more than just one of the regular homos on the BBS. Every time I post, someone seems to get upset by it, which just makes me post even more. Thanks though dude, that's pretty cool of you to say. What went on in the trial anyway? Some cunt been doing shit he shouldn't have been?

I'll have to listen to you more in future. I'm actually listening to the album you mentioned right now. It's surprisingly chilled out for what it is. The backing reminds me of Scattle, and the other music from Hotline Miami. So far it's pretty good.

Jesus Christ, how much did that trip cost all round? Never even knew there was a Mrs.Slint. I've been wanting to go to go to Sweden, or somewhere else with shit loads of snow for ages to piss about with snowboarding, as it's something I picked up incredibly fucking quickly down to me being a little skaterfag when I was younger. Trips like that tend to cost a shit load of money though, and I'm tighter than a nuns snatch when it comes to cash.

I know that problem with motivation as well mate, I need to get off of my ass and sort a lot of things out, but they are on my "to-do" list at the moment.

Slint responds:

the trial was somehow an odd experience. both parties settled, so it was kind of boring to see no blood was spilled and no fisticuffs happened, but the whole thing was actually surprisingly chill, the judge and the lawyers brought out a feel of comraderie amongst them, it was not like how you would picture it. it's fantastic to see you can still have a warm environment and be a professional about law.
the case was about some guy who bought a car and then the company bankrupted and stuff about ensurance and whatnot i couldn't hear everything they were saying since there was barely no audience besides us and as it was a settle they talked mostly between themselves

ha, hotline miami has such a fantastic soundtrack. it's the only videa soundtrack i have on my ipod and i do listen to it regularly

the trip cost my left nut yeah. me and mrs. slint (gf, not wife) saved up quite an amount of money over the last few years only for this specific trip. it cost around 1000 euros. since we went in the summer, sweden was hot as fuark, but to be honest those northern countries all blend together and i think had nothing remarkable to them, i don't think i'll be going back there. plus the trains run late as shit and we were on a tight schedule so we shat bricks one time at a station when we nearly lost a reservation at a hotel because the train was late.

but then again there was no snow, only a fucking northern storm falling down on us, 30 secs under the rain and we were absolutely soaked to the bone, never seen something like that fucking hell. but that particular train trip was fantastic. looking out the window seeing the storm fall down while going over some sea or river in train tracks, imagining vikings ages ago sailing and battling with a storm like that.

anyway the single best place i went to was surprisingly not paris. it was amsterdam. the whole feel of the city, it has such a life to it, i'd move there in a heartbeat if i could take all my acquaintances and stuff there. it's a 10/10 city


2014-11-06 18:50:31

Don't bother, bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks, happened a long time ago.

Eh, could be better, could be worse. Still going along with my shit I mentioned ages ago, but it's improving a bit if you want the truth. All around status: breddi ogay/den

How's your life going, Slint? Anything noteworthy happening with you at the moment? Exams and shit go by alright?

Slint responds:

i was thinking and it's funny you say you go by unnoticed, but i actually remember most if not all of what we talked about regarding your life and mine, and this happens with very few people around here, your icon and your posts come along with a baggage of personality that most people in here don't have when i look at them, so believe me you're far from being a cardboard character in the bbs

told you it would get better you faget i am always right now you must listen to what i say regarding music

well i don't remember if i told you but this summer i went in a trip around europe, visiting most countries in a 30 day interrail trip with mrs. slint shit was cash
now it's winter and i'm attempting at getting motivation to try and make an effort to get off my ass and start studying but turns out i started watching Evangelion and picked up naruto and one piece where i left so i'm wasting a lot of time

on the plus side though, i went with my class to a real trial for the first time, which was p cool (i'm in law school in case you didn't know)
so overall it's going good


2014-11-06 18:17:34

She's my ex because she was letting a Scottish dude, and an Australian dude plough her behind my back, probably at the same time + She couldn't handle my 30 foot long dick.

I wonder if they get enough iron in their diet these days (^:

Slint responds:

now i feel bad :^(

how's the other stuff in your life going?


2014-11-06 17:44:13

1 is to your 1, and 2 is to your 2.


I'll be sure to give it a listen at some stage, preferably tonight as I have nothing much else to listen to. I'm sure I can handle, but then again, I did say that to my ex, and that ended with me washing blood out of my mouth.

Shit, if you didn't know the context behind what I've just said above, it'd be some scary ass shit.

Slint responds:


gee i wonder why she's your ex did she not get enough iron in her meals for you?
you tried going for the neck when the vagoo blood wasn't avaiable?


2014-11-06 17:32:06

1) What if I can't handle? What if my anus falls apart and turns into a pile on the floor like a blobfish?
2) B-but I poop from there!

Slint responds:

it's a great album and you can handle it unless you're an uncultered swine

but wait

are your 1) and 2) responses only to my point number 2?

speaking of number 2s, you poop from there, but you don't poop all the time do you :^)


2014-11-06 17:27:48

I thought that it'd be something mindblowing, like the answer to all of mankinds problems, but no, it's an album cover.

I feel empty inside Slint, and I am going to say that it is somehow your fault.

Breddi nice cover though.

Slint responds:

that emptiness can be filled 2 ways

1 listen to the album and unless you're a gigantic fucking faggot pleb piece of shit faggot you'll see it's the answer to all of makindds problems

2 i fill it with muh beenus :^)


2014-11-06 17:22:48

I'm tired of not knowing after seeing your avatar on the BBS forever. What the fuck is it exactly?

Slint responds:

here you go duderino, scroll down a bit


2014-11-06 14:11:41

You know what really warms your heart. Being.

Fat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Slint responds:

10/10 best new comment


2014-10-26 15:35:45

sounds like you enjoy fucking to songs

Slint responds:


who would've guessed that album is made up of skinny nerds playing noise rock while fucking my girlfriend and all my friends' girlfriends


2014-09-29 14:20:37

don't you just love it when people make things better by analyzing them!!

Slint responds:

it might be overanalyzing it but i felt like it was a p cool comparison to make


2014-09-29 14:09:46

their cover of model by kraftwerk alone was something to be respected tho

Slint responds:

here's what i once read and never forgot:

kraftwerk's original sounds like a well oiled machine, just like the band's aestethic with the robotic moves and all, with flawless structure, popish melodies, everything sounds right and in place

then there's big black's version, the opposite:

like a rusty machine chewing sand, it sounds visceral, occasionaly even sloppy in a good way and absolutely destructive, unlike the original

they are both equal in concept, but completely apart in the execution


2014-09-29 13:57:42

spiderland because i'm a mainstream cunt and their discography doesn't seem too broad anyways (correct me if i'm wrong tho) and I don't know which Big Black album I like most bc I haven't really dug into it that far, left a comment cause i was about to! :-)

Slint responds:

tweez is skippable, honestly. lack of cohesion and decent ideas even if with stellar production by albini (who, just in case you don't know, is big black's frontman) don't make a good album.
what you need apart from spiderland is the slint ep which is more spiderlant-sounding stuff


2014-09-29 13:33:47

i just found out about slint (6 months ago) and big black (2 months ago)
man where have they been all my life

Slint responds:

glad you like them mane

what's your favourite album/song from each?


2014-09-28 11:24:22

Even though you're not banned, I think it's best that you lie low for about a week to avoid suspicion.
Either stafffighter was simply warning you or the BBS moderator ban button is broken again.
Yet another part of Newgrounds that needs to be fixed and updated.


2014-09-28 10:56:34

I saw that stafffighter banned you.

So for how many days are you banned? Is it the dreaded 10 year ban?

I want to know because that will determine just how long that particular part of the User Icon Battle will be delayed.

Slint responds:

i am actually not banned, god knows why


2014-09-24 23:24:01

Why did you get me hooked to this Slint, why did you do this?

Slint responds:

truth be told i asked because everytime i see your name the 1:29 on this song gets stuck in my head


2014-09-23 22:05:02

I always eat my brococococoli

Slint responds:

you better


2014-09-02 16:07:35

How is death treating u m8?

Slint responds:

it's bliss

i finally don't have to deal with retarded comments on my userpage oh whoops looks like i still do lol fukken rekt m8 nah jk u know i <3 u


2014-08-27 22:37:57

Fuck. Also nice new gif.

Slint responds:



2014-08-27 17:21:18

fuker, you're going to get HACKED!

Slint responds:

good luck i'm behind 7 proxies


2014-08-26 21:44:41

I can't recover from this.

Slint responds:

don't even try to report me to tom fulp


2014-08-26 17:34:38


Slint responds:



2014-08-23 18:38:44


Slint responds:



2014-08-23 13:48:00

it went on 3 1/2 hours, including the opening acts, subrosa and the atlas moth
they mostly played stuff from the new album that came out this year and three old tracks
i tried taking out my earplugs but whenever i did, there was too much treble to appreciate the dynamics and quality, etc
left most of the reflections in the metal hell thread, didn't know if you would be interested

Slint responds:

i am most certainly interested

i did not expect them to play stuff from pink, idk why
also you seem very tall

and it's cool they still play stuff off of amplifier worship, i'm happy to see they didn't pull a xiu xiu a played a drone set for an hour disregarding the entire catalog


2014-08-23 13:28:48

repeat that with a loudspeaker, there's still a dying frequency ringing in my ears

Slint responds:

how was it though?
worth losing eardrums to?


2014-08-22 22:24:17

i saw boris live last week

Slint responds:



2014-08-19 18:24:46

hey jester lets really see if he's dead look at my luring bait………………...PENIS!!!!

Slint responds:



2014-08-11 21:45:42

did you died

Slint responds:



2014-08-07 03:39:35

i like playing god on the internet :-)))))))))

Slint responds:

where do you get all those cool icons